Potential Occupation

Nutrition/ Dietetics

Everyday according to studies done by scientists certain foods that we consume take a major toll on our health. Making changes in your diet can really improve your health overall and may even cure some health issues you may have. Today the issue of obesity in our country is very serious. If we make more people aware of dietary change than hopefully the percentage of obese population can be reduced. Some more serious issues such as the risk of cancer and heart disease can be caused from not eating properly. Dietetics is the study that focuses on the relationship between health and nutrition.

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Dietitians and dietetic technicians create what they call “nutritional therapy” that could aid the body to allow the body to use the organic nutrients in the food to protect itself against disease and encourage healthiness.

I think I could possible be interested in this occupation because I am personally very into eating healthy and putting what is best for you into your body. Before I consume something or even buy some sort of food, I always consider the consequences that could come from eating it. I have had many health issues in my life that have made me really consider and look at what I consume.


According to the AFPA, in order to pursue this career I must earn my bachelor’s degree in one of the following, clinical nutrition, dietetics, foods and nutrition, or other related fields. After earning one of the degrees listed above, I must pass a competency exam. After completing and passing the exam I must complete a Dietetic Internship program and earn the Rn or RDN credential.

The field of dietetics has a strong emphasis on public health and a commitment to educating all Americans about the importance of making proper dietary choices. Dietitians who work in facilities preparing food strive to develop menus and recipes that are healthful, tasty and cost-effective.