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After wrapping Unit 3 on the cardiovascular system and cells we completed the unit 3 exam and have finally moved onto unit 4. This week in our sports medicine class we are learning about the circulatory system, parts of the blood, and the anatomy of the heart.  This week we also completed an assignment about the benefits of playing on artificial turf versus playing on real grass.  We learned how popular artificial turf is but we also discovered the dangers of playing on it as well. The circulatory system is the part of our body that carries all the blood. This is a very important part of human anatomy and I look forward to learning more about this topic and further exploring human anatomy.  This week we are also wrapping up our job shadowing hours. Over the past couple of weeks, we have had opportunities to shadow people with professions that are related to sports medicine that we could possibly be interested in the future. I got the chance to shadow a personal trainer, and I became very interested in her career! This project will be our first semester final project for the class, and completing job shadowing hours is just one task we must complete for this project.

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Here is a picture I made that briefly explains what the circulatory system is.


Shadow Host

This semester I will be shadowing a personal trainer. A personal trainers job is to educate clients about the safety and effectiveness of exercising. Your personal trainer is someone who is there to help motivate you and coach you through physical activity. A trainer can be thought of as your own personal fitness coach. A personal trainer is someone who can help you set and achieve goals that you want to accomplish when it comes to weight loss or even being overall healthier in your life.

I choose this specific occupation, because I personally find it enjoying to work out. I try to stay in shape as best as I can. Personal training is also one option I am looking at for a possible career. I find it very important to keep up with exercise and I used to be very athletic before coming upon some injuries. I think personal training is a very interesting career to pursue.

The person I will be shadowing for my project is Monica Ehlers. She is one of my closets friends moms. She built a gym in her backyard. She teaches a fitness class once a week at 24 hour fitness. She also is a life coach. A life coach is someone who can help you discover things about your life that you did not even know existed.