Have you ever wondered about the “grass” at a soccer or football game?  Most of the games you attend are played on turf fields. You may think its real grass that your favorite team is playing on but it is most likely artificial turf. We recently discovered from KQED that more than 11,000 playing fields are made with artificial turf today in the U.S.A.  Even most of the fields in the National Football League are made with artificial turf.
Turf fields have become very popular in the athletic world due to many positives that come along with playing on these types of fields. Turf fields are not hard to take care of and it does not need to be watered which helps preserve water. Artificial fields also do not have to be mowed, and these fields are overall safer for athletes.
On the other hand, artificial fields can be dangerous. KQED also informed us that turf fields have harmful chemicals like arsenic, acetone, lead, and even mercury. These chemicals can cause issues with our nervous systems and causes dizziness or confusion sometimes. A lot of research is discovering the dangers of playing on these artificial fields.
I think artificial fields are very beneficial because it is not only safer to play on for athletes, but it also saves time, money, and even water. I personally preferred
playing on artificial turn rather than real grass. Although, I still think we should focus on improving turf fields and find ways to eliminate the chemicals that can be very harmful to our nervous system.
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Piktochart on pros and cons of astro turf