Live with a Happy Heart

In the United States, the leading cause of death in woman is due to heart disease. In this weeks sports med class, we learned all about heart disease and the different ways to prevent or improve upon it. Heart disease is caused by many things.

I will be focussing on how diet and exercise effect heart disease. According to MedlinePlus being overweight can cause heat failure, high blood pressure, and overall a lack of exercise can increase your chances of developing heart disease.

For this specific topic, we decided to create something that could be possibly very useful and easily accessible  to many people. My partner and I created a prototype for an app that we call “Happy Heart”.


At first we were unsure of a way to create something that everyone can use. But then we thought of creating an app. Here is our thinking process:

Empathize: Design an app for people who are unsure of ways to stay healthy or take care of themselves with dealing with heart disease.
Define: Some people are unsure of ways to eat healthy and ways they can exercise. Also people might find it easier to keep track of their diet through an organized app that also gives them different suggestions and ideas.
Ideate: Out app was created to help people discover ways to exercise and also different healthy recipes. We also created this app to help people log their diet throughout the day to see if they have been keeping up with healthy eating.
Prototype: On the website Appy Pie  we created a prototype for our app. On our prototype, we included two healthy recipes, and two
different exercises.
Test: To test this prototype, we showed the app to a few of our friends and explained to them all the details. The people we showed said that the app would ver helpful and motivating to live a healthier life.