My View on Nutrition

Growing up, my mom was never really too into eating very healthy. As a child, she was allowed to eat whatever she liked. Of course my family believed that you must eat all the right foods to stay healthy and grow into a strong young adult.


As my siblings and I started growing, my grandmother decided that we should only eat the freshest foods available because she wanted us to ” grow up strong like Popeye the sailor man” as she used to tell me. After my grandma proposed this idea to my mom, my mom decided to do some more research.

When I was about nine years old, I developed a bone infection in my right knee. After this very serious incident, to which my doctors believe it could have been caused by a bacteria in a food I once consumed, my mom buckled down on our eating habits. From then on, she will only buy food that is not processed and or organic. My brothers and I take our daily supplements of vitamins. We learned how to distinguish chemicals in foods that are not good for us because my mom was so serious about this change.


Although my brothers hate our new eating habits, I believe they are truly beneficial to our health because I have already had so many health issues. I am very thankful that my mom takes time to ensure we are eating only the best foods for our bodies and have learned to love this eating style.

One thought on “My View on Nutrition

  1. Dear Krystal,

    Thank you for sharing your story with us, I can see how this has played a big role in how you view nutrition (and I’m glad you recovered!). It can be challenging to always eat healthy, but it sounds like your mom is very committed to this. Do you find it challenging to eat only ‘healthy’ food when you are not home?

    Looking forward to future nutrition posts!
    Mrs. Kahn


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