Our Digestive & Immune Systems

For the human body, both the digestive system and the immune system are very important. According to Live Strong our digestive system works with our immune system to ensure that we stay healthy and also helps prevent infection. The digestive system works to break down foods to eventually help your body to absorb them. The immune system works to help fight against and protect your body from developing infections.

As humans, we consume bacteria constantly, causing out immune system to play a large and important role in our body.  It is crucial that our body protect itself from any harmful bacteria, toxins, and even viruses that can possible enter our digestive system. Our immune system does its job my deciding what is harmful and what is helpful to our bodies. Our digestive track is continuously being exposed to all different substances according IBS Treatment Center.

In order to perform their best, an athlete according to WebMD must eat properly, stay in shape, and be overall healthy. As an athlete you must be very cautious and aware of what you consume because certain foods can really take a toll on your strength, health, and even performance. It is important for an athlete to be aware of what types of foods would benefit their health and what types of food won’t. It is found that foods containing a lot of sugar should be avoided thirty minutes before performing in physical activity because sugar can cause you to become dehydrated sooner.  As an athlete, they should also make it a priority to eat their last meal about three to four house before taking part in any physical activity in order to allow the food to properly digest.

The best way an athlete can properly support their immune system is by eating foods containing essential vitamins and lots of protein that will provide support to their muscles according to Team Isagenix. Water is also very important for an athlete to drink because water regulates your body temperature and helps produce enough energy to stay active. Dehydration does not allow an athlete to perform to their full potential and an athlete could possibly have symptoms such as cramps, dizziness, and sometimes fatigue.

Untitled Infographic (1)
Here is a piktochart I made that briefly explains the digestive and immune system.


One thought on “Our Digestive & Immune Systems

  1. Katherine Warner

    You make very good points here. This motivates me to eat better too for gut health! And did you know that the gut also has its own neurotransmitters?! Cool huh? Our gut has a brain of its own which makes eating better of even more importance.

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