Class Blog Cameo Semester 2

This week in Sports Med, we covered many topics about the nervous system and some about our body senses. We also continued to work on our project this semester about nutrition.

We learned about the different parts that make up our nervous system. I found it very interesting to discover that the brain, the spinal cord, and peripheral nerve all belong to the nervous system. From there, we learned about all the different and complex part that make up those three main sections of the nervous system. We completed a homework assignment that tested us on labeling a diagram of the Neuron and later completed a quiz on this same subject.

Also this week, we began reading about a lab we would be completing the next week in sports med. We finished the pre-lab assignment about the different senses in our body. We had to make a prediction on what we think would be the most sensitive part of our body to touch- the forearm, the finger tips, or the back of the hand. I predicted that our finger tips would be most sensitive because our fingers touch the most and we use them most often.

Finally this week, we continued working on out nutrition fad diet projects. We completed an assignment this week that outlined what exactly our diets are made of and what the idea behind it is. We also completed a food journal for three days. I found this assignment really cool because it made me cautious about the foods I was putting into my body.

Check out my pikto chart below!


Exercise and Brain Function

Taking care of my health is one of the most important things in my life. I have learned to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and to even take my sleeping schedule very seriously. After reading this article about the benefits of exercise I discovered that exercise is not only important in bettering your overall health, but also in your brain activity. As said in Quart’s blog post exercise also promotes a more positive attitude and outlook on everything. According to Brain HQ even exercising for just 20 minutes can stimulate information processing and memory functions.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 9.51.03 PM.png

I have always valued the benefits of exercising but this article really opened my eyed to how much more it benefits us. I strongly believe that staying in shape and eating healthy is the best medicine we can provide our bodies. I also believe that it is beneficial for any age and better to begin getting into this habit at a younger age. Its important to fit exercise and any physical activity into you busy schedule as often as possible.