DT Project- Concussions in Youth Sports

Empathize: Today, children are involved in many different activities in school and outside of school. It is common today for children to be active in sports that can cause trauma that they are either unprepared for or unaware of. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention created a program called “Heads Up” for youth sports that offers information about concussions to parents, coaches, and young athletes involved with youth sports. Heads Up provides a lot of useful information about concussion prevention, treatment, and even recovery.

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Define: I think the issue here is that many are poorly informed about the danger of concussions and how much it takes to recover from a concussion. If the public is more often properly informed about how to prevent and how to recover.

Ideate: Although there are many ways people are trying to prevent and treat concussions, I believe it is important to keep trying different ways to solve these issues while still allowing children the freedom to take part of the activity that they love so much. For this project, I want to focus on the testing to see if one has a concussion aspect of this issue. I think that it is very important that parents, coaches and the young athletes be aware of what some signs of a concussion are. I also think that since referees especially youth/student referees also play a large role in making these athletic activities happen, we also have to train these referees to be able to identify and “test” if the youth athlete is showing signs of a concussion if an accident occurs during an athletic activity.

Prototype: For this project, I want to create a way to help student referee volunteers to identify whether or not children who have been hurt during a sports activity have a concussion or are showing signs of having a concussion. I want to create a website that will inform all the referees everything there is to know about concussions including prevention, diagnosis, and treatment/ recovery. I think before someone is allowed to be a referee they should go through a special workshop to learn about concussions and maybe use a website like I will create to be informed about this issue.

Test: For this project i will be reaching out to some of my high school friends who are athletic referees for youth sports teams and ask them how much they know about concussions and to see if they find my website helpful with learning more about this issue. Before asking them to take a look at my website I asked them to attempt the quiz I created to see how much they actually knew about concussions. After they took the quiz one time, I asked them to review my website and to retake the quiz. Here are some results of before looking over the website and after looking over the information.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 8.47.38 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 9.05.14 PM.png

After reaching out to three friends about this topic I learned that since most of them are currently athletes or were previously involved in an athletic activity, they knew little to noting  about this topic. I asked them to sit down and take a look at the website I created (attached below) and to also attempt a short quiz about concussions. I asked 10 high school students. Out of ten student referees that took the quiz, 6 out of 10 got less than 50% on the quiz. After they reviewed my website, I asked them to retake the quiz and 9 out of 10 students received 100% on the quiz. After getting all the feedback from my friends, they all told me that they did not know how much research was out there on this topic. They thanked me for informing them more about this issue and said they would go on and use these helpful tips throughout their referring jobs with youth athletes.

Take a look at this informational website I created for referees:  Padlet

You can also check out this short quiz on concussions that I created: QUIZ


2 thoughts on “DT Project- Concussions in Youth Sports

  1. I have played both soccer and softball for a long time and never really knew a lot about concussions or how serious they could be. I have also been a referee for soccer for a couple of years and I think it is a great idea to have the referees learn the signs of a concussion. After reading Krystal’s very helpful website I have learned a lot more about concussions.


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