Diffusion Race

Last week in class, we split into groups of 3-4 students. In our groups we conducted an experiment testing glucose levels. This lab is called the diffusion race. First off we soaked some dialysis tubes in water. After soaking these tubes, we tied off the bottom of the tube. Then we opened up the dialysis tubes and filled them with our desired amount of glucose. After filling with glucose, we then poured some water into the tube. We then tied off the other end of the tube and placed it into a beaker of water.


After letting the dialysis tube sit in the water we tested the glucose level by dipping glucose strips into the beaker. The strips then changed color based on the amount of glucose in the water. In my group, we used 8 mL of water and 2 mL of glucose into the tube. We guessed that if more liquid was placed into the dialysis tube the smaller amount of glucose was needed to dissolve.


One thought on “Diffusion Race

  1. Hey Krystal! I really liked your post! It was cool looking at how you analyzed the lab differently than me since we were in the same group and had the same info and findings. You did a really great job with pictures and details of the process of the lab! 🙂


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