The main goal of this lab was to see how a heartbeat is measured and monitored.  During this lab we got to know a little about heart attacks and different types of heartbeats.

To begin this lab, we started by connecting the EKG machine to one person in out lab group. We place the wires on the students arms using sticky strips. We attached three different cords to the student. One chord was placed near the inside of the wrist and the other two were placed near the inside of the students elbows.


Afterwards, we connected all the wires to the machine that then connected to the computer. The student that was connected to the EKG reader sat with their arms resting on the table facing upward and breathed normally. When we first pressed play on the computer to begin taking measurements, something went wrong and it showed that the student did not have a heartbeat. Mrs. Kahn, our teacher then helped us adjust all the chords and we finally got it to work properly.  The computer showed a graph with the results. Here are our results.


After collecting the results of a normal heartbeat, we decided to see what it would look like if someone was having a heart attack. By switching the two chords that were placed onto the students inside elbows, we would be able to simulate a fake heart attack. Here are the results we got.


The monitor on the computer showed the difference between a normal heartbeat and a heart attack very clearly.  The first graph represents someone who has a relatively normal heartbeat and the second graph shows the results of a simulated heart attack.  The main difference between the two graphs is in the T waves. In the second graph, the T waves are not consistent like they would with normal results.

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