A Healthy Retirement?

In class, we worked on a case study called “A Healthy Retirement?” This case study is about an elderly couple who decide to have a cookout with their friends one afternoon. The husband, Jim is planning on barbecuing and his wife, Nancy is preparing snacks. Jim and Nancy planned this cookout because they will be leaving soon for their cruise to Alaska. Nancy and Jim are both retired and both have had some health issues in their past. While preparing their house before they leave on their cruise, Nancy complains about her back hurting and about being really tired all the time. Nancy uses over the counter pain killers to help relieve her pain a lot of the time. Jim also has come upon some serious health issues in his life. Jim had a heart attack in the past and is currently suffering from being overweight. Both Jim and Nancy are at risk of developing other serious health problems in their near future.

On their getaway vacation, Jim and Nancy indulge in all the good food the cruise ship has to offer. They spend their time eating and spend some down time walking around the cruise ship. Nancy is still complaining about her constantly being exhausted and she also started having breathing issues one day while they stepped off the ship. Nancy sees a doctor on board and they found out that she could have Angina. Angina is a chronic chest pain that is caused from not enough blood flow to the heart muscle.

Here is a table that describes the healthy and unhealthy parts of their lives.
Here is a table that describes the healthy and unhealthy parts of their lives.

Since both Jim and Nancy have a negative past with their health they are both at risk of developing future illnesses.

Nancy: heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, heart attack, obesity
Jim: obesity, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, lung cancer
Some other information that we might need to acquire about Jim and Nancy are their family medical history, the types of food they eat, and the type of medicine they are taking.